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Algae Mower Vac is the next big thing to hit aquarium hobbyists!

Posted by Kong Ho
Kong Ho
I am an electrical engineer. Fish keeping has been my hobby since I was 4 years old. I owe it to the living or...
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on Thursday, 26 July 2012 in AM Blog

Words are starting to spread around that there is a new tool in the aquarium trade that can revolutionize the way people maintain their aquariums! That tool is the patent pending Algae Mower Vac. What it does is significantly simplify the tank cleaning chore and saves people a lot of money, labor and time as well! Plus, it can do some types of cleaning that nothing on the market can even help them!

There are many ways that Algae Mower Vac can help you minimize the labor intensive parts of tank cleaning and allow you to enjoy your tank much more and have healthier fish, corals and plants!

 To illustrate that, the following Algae Mower Vac functions are described and listed in the order of its usage popularity:

 1)    (Specialty Cleaning) Hair algae or sticky detritus removal from anywhere in your tank-

Until now, there is no effective and efficient mean of manual extraction of hair algae or sticky detritus right at the spot in your tank! How many times have you been horrified by the unpleasant sight of uncontrolled growth of hair & slime algae in your tanks? But, the days of needing to labor and take out the infected rocks, plants or corals out for scrubbing are gone! Now you can easily remove hair algae or sticky detritus on any objects right at the spot without even getting your hands wet! Your aquarium organisms are thanking you from not disrupting the bio balance in the tank. No more damaging and expensive chemicals to buy! And no more sudden change of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in the water due to bacteria die off.


 2)    (General cleaning) No-hose no-water-bucket gravel vacuum cleaning-

True that there are already numerous battery powered gravel vacuum cleaners on the market, but they are either too weak, hard to operate or inefficient and most of them require a minimum of 12” and maximum not over 24” deep tank.

But the light weight and handy Algae Mower Vac employs the strongest pump in the class and is the only product that allows hands-dry operation for tanks from 6” deep all the way up to 40” deep. Check out the video that I made to demonstrate cleaning of a very populated freshwater fish tank in less than 10 minutes.


 3)    (General Cleaning) No-hose no-water-bucket sand bed vacuum cleaning-

The Algae Mower Vac comes with a foam filter and a super fine mesh bag to accomplish even sand bed vacuum cleaning. Again, check out the video.


 4)    (General Cleaning) Perform 2) or 3) together with partial water change-

For those of you who absolutely think that water has to be replaced while cleaning, the Algae Mower Vac comes with a 6-foot hose to allow you to do just that!


 5)    (Specialty Cleaning) Slime algae-

You now can easily remove slime algae at any spot in your tank without even needing to perform water change or get your hands wet! Check out the video that I made and you will be amazed!


 6)    (Specialty Cleaning) Floating matters and suspending matters in water-

Use the handy and light weight Alage Mower Vac to remover anything on or in the water that bothers you without being annoyed by having net caught on things in the tank or needing a hose and a water bucket and replenish water afterward.


 7)    (Specialty Cleaning) Plant and Coral garden trimming-

Overgrown plants or soft corals like xenia or zoanthids gardening is now a very simple chore with Algae Mower Vac! With it’s patent pending design to allow you to cut, dislodge and suck up the stuffs that you don’t want in the tank.


 8)    (Specialty Cleaning) Pest Aiptasia Control-

Many reef aquariums are infested with Aiptasia. Algae Mower Vac can remove the most obvious ones that are bugging you all the time. With it’s strong suction tube, Aiptasia are being sucked and held within the tube for the drill bit to cut it right up. Then soft remains are sucked into the filter cup for easy removal!

Now you can understand why fish, plants and corals keeping hobbyists are taking notice and anxiously waiting for it to hit the world in middle of August, 2012!         

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I am an electrical engineer. Fish keeping has been my hobby since I was 4 years old. I owe it to the living organisms that I have kept all these years for giving me another dimension of life where I can be totally at peace and escape from the pressure and issues in the real life. I do whatever it takes to provide the cleanest environment for them to thrive.


Stephen Ho
Stephen Ho
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Stephen Ho Monday, 30 July 2012

Hey, seems to be a very neat product! Does it carry any kind of warranty?

Super User
Super User
Everyone's got a hobby or two and mine have been fish and coral keeping all through my life. I am glad that I ...
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Super User Monday, 30 July 2012

The Algae Mower Vac carries a 1 year limited warranty. The pump assembly is warranted for 6 months.

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