Algae Mower Vac is going to be a must have tool for a lot of aquarium keepers. Especially now you can use it to rid coralline algae too!

The patent pending Algae Mower Vac now allows you to remove the toughest algae that grow in you tank. Make no mistake, everyone likes to have coralline algae grow in his or her tank! It is an indication of mature and well kept aquarium. The pink colored algae is pleasing to the eyes too!

Yet, if they grow onto the front and side walls of your tank glass, it is a different story. They become a nuisance and block the view of what you want to enjoy from your tank!

Everyone knows how inefficient and tiresome to use scrapers, credit cards etc. to remove them. That is why many hobbyists just leave them as they are until they can not bare with it and spend hours to remove them.

But now you have an option to take care of it easily and with fun doing it!

How it works? The Algae Mower Vac spins its drill bit in a concentric circle, when it touches the surface of the coralline algae, it creates a lot of vibration that breaks the calcium based algae easily and quickly.

You don’t have to worry about the potential of scratching the glass, the specially designed drill bit is not sharp at the tip and it breaks up the coralline algae only and does not scratch the glass. For acrylic tanks though, you may have to do it a little bit more cautious.

Anyway, once again, the algae mower vac comes to the rescue to rid the most annoying algae that grow in your tanks:

Hair Algae

Slime Algae

& now Coralline Algae too!