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Everyone's got a hobby or two and mine have been fish and coral keeping all through my life. I am glad that I can do something for my fellow hobyists to simplify tank maintianing by inventing the Alage Mower.

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Kong Ho

I am an electrical engineer. Fish keeping has been my hobby since I was 4 years old. I owe it to the living organisms that I have kept all these years for giving me another dimension of life where I can be totally at peace and escape from the pressure and issues in the real life. I do whatever it takes to provide the cleanest environment for them to thrive.

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Earl Harman

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  • Great Tool

    I just received my Algae Mower Vac and started using it on my hair algae and bubble algae. I have also used it on some brown algae on the surface of the rocks, it just mows that right off. The tool works very well and as long as you take your time it will easily eradicate the algae. I haven't used the sand cleaning feature yet, but I will in the ne ...
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Philip Wright

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    Hi - I am Phil from the UK and have purchased the algae vac. A great tool which not only out performs all others but can deal with every eventuality in marine aquarium cleaning. My question concerns the collection bags - is it possible to purchase a few additional ones? and how do I go about this?. Your very kind comments would be greatly appreci ...
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